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Pondok Pundi Ubud
Pondok Pundi Ubud


Trekking at Tjampuhan Hill

UBUD ON FOOT: fun trekking for everyone!


Walking in Rsi Markandya's footsteps

Tours start at the Tjampuhan Ridge in central Ubud, to where participating guests will be brought by car from the hotel entrance. Tjampuhan has been regarded as holy for centuries. It is believed that Rishi Markandya, a wandering sage from India, retired here after bringing Hinduism to Bali, some 1000 years ago.

At Tjampuhan (campuhan -'mix', in Balinese) the Wos and Pormil rivers confluence. For Balinese, campuhan is a potent source of holy water for all kinds of ceremonial purposes. Later still, Tjampuhan's waters were discovered to hold medicinal properties. In Balinese, this healing water is called ubad (medicine). The word ubad changed into ubud and came to signify the name of the village, Ubud.

In line with Rsi Markandya many famous artists and musicians such as the artists Walter Spies and Rudolf Bonnet, ethnomusicologist Colin Macphee, and playwright Noel Coward drew their inspiration from the natural beauty of the area. Last in this line is Antonio Blanco, whose museum is opposite the Gunung Lebah Temple. The temple was erected right where the two rivers meet to become Campuhan, a powerful area with very strong energies.

From Gunung Lebah Temple we climb the Tjampuhan Hill otherwise known as 'Bukit Cinta' or Love Hill. Bukit Cinta is a dramatic lush green ridge about 2 km long, providing beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

Please contact our reception a day in advance to arrange your trekking program, twice a week every Wednesday and Sunday at 07.00 Am – 09.00 Am. Contribution at USD 15 net per person/min 2 persons.


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